Alveda King, in partnership with Alyak Productions through Heaven Sings Entertainment, announces the release of "Pray for America." The song is a poignant response to current domestic and world events, calling listeners to a greater respect for human life.

The song had long been on the radar of Alyak Productions founder Eugene Vigil who was waiting for the right time to record it. After sharing it with King, the two decided it was a timely and needed message.

King explains, "In light of the recent turmoil over race-based church shootings, riots in major cities around our country, and global and domestic terrorism, ‘Pray for America’ urges Americans to combat all violence and injustice through prayer-- not just in America but around the world."

Vigil agrees, "My hope for this song is that it will bring people of every ethnicity together to pray for our nation’s leaders, our president, our Supreme Court, our senators and congressmen and women, and all people living in our country...that through prayer we may have a stronger, united America. And through a stronger America, we may achieve a deeper respect for all lives because ALL lives matter."


Performed by:

Executive Producers:
Eugene Vigil/Alyak Productions with
Alveda King/Heaven Sings Entertainment

Produced by:
Bernard Harvey

Written by:
Terry Gibbs
Joshua M. Bias
Angelica Tucker

Vocal Production
Joshua N. Bias & Angelica Tucker

Recording/Mix Engineer:
Firas Quick

Ryan Kilgore

Bass & Lead Guitar
Bernard Harvey

Additional Vocals
Dr. Alveda King
Bernard Harvey II
Taylor Harvey
Peyton Harvey

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